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About us

Tehnosorb Ltd. was established on the basis of the All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Carbon Sorbents (VNITIUS).

LLC “Technosorb” is engaged in the development and production of more than 10 types of active coals of a wide spectrum of action for various industries and household purposes. Our company is the only one that produces special active coals for liquor-distillery production – activated carbon BAU-A GOST 6217-74, BAU-LV, produced in accordance with the specially developed normative documentation TU 20.14.72-001-06343907-2017, UAI (UAI- 1, UAI-2, UAI-3) TU 20.14.72-002-06343907-2017, KAU-B, brand A TU 20.14.71-004-06343907-2017. Each batch of activated carbon for distillery production is manufactured in accordance with the technological characteristics of the consumer enterprise.

Today LLC “Tehnosorb” is the leading enterprise that specializes in the production of active coal for distillery production. We have achieved visible results in this direction and are rightfully proud of the achievements of our permanent partners: the leading distilleries of Russia and the countries of the Near Abroad.