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What kind of coal can you recommend for improving the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of finished vodka for obtaining exclusive, elite varieties of vodka products?

To improve the organoleptic and physico-chemical properties of finished vodka products, first of all it is necessary to select a brand of active coal that can provide the required filtering filtration rate. The organoleptic properties of vodka are improved by increasing the contact time of the sorting with coal, i. E. at low filtration rates of sortings, or when connecting an additional column with activated carbon. Tehnosorb LLC has developed new grades of activated coals impregnated with silver (UAI-1 and UAI-2 TU 20.14.72-002-06343907-2017), improving the properties of the processed sorting due to the occurrence of additional oxidation-reduction reactions on active coal, the catalyst of which is silver.

What technical characteristics of active coal, in addition to adsorption, affect aldehyde formation during filtration?

Essential influence on aldehyde formation is provided by such technical characteristics of active coal as abrasion resistance, ash content and dust presence (fraction <1.0 mm). The lower the strength characteristics of coal, the greater its attrition during filtration, the more dust that forms, and the dust contributes to aldehyde formation. Increased ash content of coal also catalyzes aldehyde formation, therefore these indicators of active coal are entered in the quality passport and are regulated by NTD.